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We aim to transform businesses by automating processes and integrating different tools involved in business processes

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About Us


Who We Are

We are an integration company with an ambition to integrate as much as possible to provide our customers an easy to use solutions. We have combined know-how from different fields, such as:

  • VoIP
  • RPA
  • Integration tools
  • Software development
  • QA
  • UX

So we have the power and know-how to deliver all sorts of integration projects with the best ROI and UX for our international customers.

What We Do

We provide complex integration services to our customers on international level. Our biggest know-how comes from integrating Ticketing and VoIP systems. Also we have finalized different projects in regards to integrating landline and mobile operator databases and delivering full CRM systems to large Telco companies.

Why Choose Us

Our four founders and owners have each a history of more than ten years within the IT industry. We deliver projects on time and within budget. We work with highly dedicated and international IT professionals to help meet the goals of our customers and fully satisfy their business requirements.

Our Services


Software components integration

We do provide integration services to get most out of your existing software. Our experience ranges from integrating landline and mobile operators databases to integrations of ticketing system and VoIP system. If you have a problem with integration, we are the place to get help from.

Robotic Process Automation

We help to improve your business and testing operations by automating intensive and time-consuming routine work. Automation enables staff to focus on more challenging tasks like development and improvement of products and services.

  • Automation reduces the amount of human errors and helps to minimize costs.
  • Robot is faster and more efficient in compulsory routine tasks, freeing up employees time for more challenging and meaningful tasks.
  • Robots are able to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which reduces accumulation of work and possible overtime.
  • Removing unpleasant and unnecessary routine tasks guarantees higher job satisfaction. The software robot handles the most tedious routine tasks with high quality and consistency.

Software Development

We provide software development in Java and Python. Our projects vary from small implementation to large enterprise infosystems. If you have a need for a new infosystem, let us discuss the possibilities.

Integration Services

Our integration services will get most out of your excisting software. Our experience ranges from integrating landline and mobile operator databases to integrations of ticketing system and VoIP system. If you have a problem with integration, we are the place to get help from.

Our References


  • Europe's leading electronics retailer

    „Interfusion took our goal to integrate our systems, as their own and managed to fulfill our needs within the time and budget estimated before the project.”
    Ardi Järveveer, Euronics


Meet the Team


Andres Aavik



+372 5559 9541


Juhan Pukk




Tarmo Reineberg




Rainar Ütt




Claudia Herzog

Marketing & Business Development Manager Germany


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Our Story


Interfusion was established 2018 when three different service providers joined forces to provide integration platform and services to customers all over Europe. Our expertise consists of VoIP system provider, integration services provider and automation provider. Joining these three crutial parts of software integrations, we believe that we have all the components to provide top noche services and products to our customers.
We started with the projects of integrating Innvaphone VoIP system and Zendesk ticketing system in Estonia, Finland and Latvia and are now able to provide SAAS type service to potential cusotmers in Europe.
Today we are proud to have a stedy customer base and working product, that we can implement for new customers.


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+372 5559 9541

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